Workstream 4: Policy-making on infant and toddler protection from domestic violence


To promote health-related policy-making for the protection of infants and toddlers from domestic violence.

Description of the work activities: 
  1. Based on the results of previously concluded activities (WS 1, 2 and 3), a report on the viability of implementing the diagnostic protocol for infant and toddler abuse and neglect into partner countries’ National health system will be produced.
  2. The aforementioned report will be presented to National and European Health Authorities, in order to discuss the diagnostic protocol’s incorporation into regular practice of health professionals working in public child clinics.
  3. Establish cooperation with National Justice and Human Rights Authorities to discuss existed laws on infant and toddler protection from domestic violence, as well as necessary future steps to be taken for preventing domestic violence against infants and toddlers.
  4. Organization of an International Symposium where the project's results will be presented and ideas will be exchanged with scientific community.
  5. Organization and publication of a leaflet on the project's objectives and main results in order to inform and further sensitize EU general population and scientific community on the issue of infant and toddler protection from domestic violence.